Company and Personal Vehicles

Employee Manual - Section 3.27

It is the policy of NHCC to provide transportation to its clients when needed. 

It is the responsibility of all employees who drive company vehicles to be aware of the condition of the vehicle they are driving, and to report any maintenance needs to their supervisor.

The following policies shall apply to all employees that drive company vehicles:

  • Clients shall not be transported in an employee’s personal vehicle unless required by a specific program (such as PCAP).  Arrangements for need of client transportation can be made by supervisors;

  • Employees shall not smoke in any company vehicle;

  • Employees shall not drive a company vehicle without first being administratively cleared as an approved driver;

  • Employees must notify us of any suspension or revocation of their driver’s license;

  • Employees shall not use company vehicles for personal business;

  • Employees may not use cell phones for any purpose while driving a vehicle for business reasons.  If an employee must use their phone, they are required to pull off the roadway and turn off the vehicle.


If any employee is in an accident with a company vehicle the following procedures should be followed:

  • Call the authorities to scene of the incident;

  • Call immediate supervisor and advice of the incident;

  • Exchange insurance information with the other driver;

  • If vehicle is drivable, drive immediately back to the facility.  If vehicle is not drivable, call the immediate supervisor and clarify the next step to take;

  • Notify the Finance Department. Finance personnel will notify with Insurance carrier.

  • Notify the Chief Executive Officer.

Wage and Salary Increases

Employee Manual - Section 5.1

Salary increases are subject to both the employee’s performance and the availability of funds.  Salary increases will be considered upon the recommendation of the supervisor.  Salary increases cannot be granted without approval of the branch administrator and the chief executive officer.

Pay increases and performance evaluations are separate matters.

Work Week

Employee Manual - Section 5.2

NHCC considers a forty (40) hour work week to be a single seven (7) day period beginning at 12:00 AM Sunday and ending at 11:59 PM Saturday.

Overtime Policy

Employee Manual - Section 5.3

NHCC discourages working overtime.  Your supervisor must approve overtime hours prior to working the overtime hours.  Unauthorized overtime hours may result progressive discipline.