What to pack:

  • Envelopes and stamps.

  • Calling card for all outgoing, long distance phone calls after 7-day blackout period is complete.

  • Residents are only permitted to have $20 cash on their person at any time; additional cash will be kept in a safekeeping account which the resident will have access to once per week.

  • Multi-vitamins if in the original sealed container. All other OTC medications, vitamins or supplements require doctor’s written order.

  • Non-perishable, single serving caffeine-free and sugar-free snack items.

  • Tobacco products. No vaping or e-cigs are permitted.

  • Alarm clock or radio.

  • Reading materials – KEEP IT CLEAN!

  • Water soluble art supplies.

  • Musical instruments.

  • Pillow, comforter or heavy blanket and weather appropriate clothing including sandals, boots, heavy coat. ALL fabrics will be run through a bed bug zapper, machine washed/dried upon arrival; residents should not bring anything non-machine washable.


Do Not Bring:

  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia.

  • Weapons or tools of any kind including pocket knives and multi-tools.

  • Razors, aerosol cans or alcohol-based products, cologne or aftershave -- this includes shaving cream.

  • E-cigs or other vaping devices.

  • Permanent markers, Sharpies, paint pens or any other non-water-soluble paints.

  • Earplugs, headphones or earbuds.

  • iPods, laptops, tablets or any other electronic devices.