The chain of command at New Horizon Care Centers is very simple and straight forward.

  • Employees report to their Supervisor.

  • Supervisors report to their Administrator.

  • Administrators report to the Chief Executive Officer.

This is the preferred route of communication and coordination, but employees are always welcome to bring the concerns to an Administrator or the Chief Executive Officer if they do not feel safe bringing their concerns to a particular level of management.

Performance Evaluations

Employee Manual - Section 3.5

Upon completion of 60 days of employment, a written evaluation will be conducted with the employee.  If the 60-day performance evaluation reflects a need for improvement, NHCC may schedule another evaluation to occur in another 30 days.  When another 30-day evaluation is scheduled, NHCC will provide feedback in the form of a written corrective action plan with goals that are both realistic and attainable.

After the initial 60-day evaluation, Supervisors will conduct annual performance evaluations with all employees. Performance evaluations are designed for the supervisor and the employee to discuss his/her current job tasks, recognize positive attributes and recognize the employee’s contributions while also identifying areas of improvement to ensure continued professional development.

During the annual performance evaluation, employees will be presented, and asked to sign, a current job description.  Performance evaluation are not tied to subsequent pay increases.

Progressive Discipline and Corrective Action

Employee Manual - Section 3.6

NHCC holds each of its employees to certain standards of conduct (see Section 4).

When an employee deviates from these rules and standards, NHCC expects the employee’s supervisor to take corrective action. Corrective action at NHCC is progressive whenever possible and at the sole discretion of management. That is, the action taken in response to a rule infraction or violation of standards typically follows a pattern increasing in seriousness until the infraction or violation is corrected, or the employee is terminated.

The usual sequence of corrective actions includes a verbal warning, a written warning, probation, suspension, and finally, termination of employment.  However, NHCC is not obligated to that sequence.  In deciding which initial corrective action would be appropriate, a supervisor and branch administrator will consider the seriousness of the infraction, the circumstances surrounding the matter, and the employee’s previous record.

Though committed to a progressive approach to corrective action, NHCC considers certain violations as grounds for immediate termination of employment. These include but are not limited to: theft in any form, insubordinate behavior, vandalism or destruction of company property, relationships with patients; criminal activity; and untruthfulness.

Drug Testing Policy

Employee Manual - Section 3.10

It shall be the policy of NHCC, Inc. to provide a drug and alcohol-free workplace to provide a safe, efficient, and productive work environment for all employees, and to provide a safe environment in which our patients can begin their journey into recovery from substance use.

NHCC will conduct pre-employment, random selection, and “for-cause” drug and alcohol testing.

Personal Prescription Medications

Employee Manual - Section 3.17

It is highly recommended that the use prescription drugs – especially those drugs with the potential to affect an individual’s perception or mobility – is reported to supervisory personnel to determine if reasonable safety precautions need to be made. 

NHCC reserves the right to ask any employee currently using a narcotic prescription drug to leave any NHCC facility, by taxi and at the company’s expense, if the employee is acting in an affected manner which is visible to coworkers or clients or if a medication can be detected on the employee’s person. 

Any employee being sent home will be able to use their available paid time off benefits or take the time unpaid.  Although this policy includes the use of marijuana by prescription, the use of marijuana or being under the influence of marijuana is strictly prohibited on any premise owned or operated by NHCC.