Paid Time Off

Employee Manual - Section 6.1

PTO leave shall be earned monthly by eligible employees at a rate of .06 hours per physically worked hour, accrued as follows:

  • Casual Employees:                               not eligible

  • Part-Time Employees:                          up to 5 hours per month

  • Full-Time Employed   0-36 Months:    up to 10 hours per month

  • Full-Time Employed 37-96 Months:    up to 13.35 hours per month

  • Full-Time Employed 97+    Months:    up to 16.67 hours per month

Employees may use PTO time for any reason, including but not limited to vacation, personal appointments, sick leave and medical leave for yourself or a member of your family, safe leave, public health emergency leave, and any leave allowed by law.

Employees begin to accrue PTO upon their first day of employment but are not eligible to utilize PTO hours until after the successful completion of 60 days of employment. PTO shall be used in 15-minute increments. 

PTO accrues after every 40 hours worked and can be carried over from one calendar year to the next. PTO balances are tracked and maintained via Paylocity.  The maximum PTO accrual is 176 hours. Employees will forfeit accumulated PTO in excess of 176 hours. 

Whenever possible, requests for PTO shall be approved by the employee’s supervisor at least seven (7) days before the PTO is to be taken.  PTO time cannot be taken on days when employees are not normally scheduled or in excess of the regularly scheduled number of hours worked by an employee per week. PTO time cannot be utilized in excess of forty (40) hours per week.

PTO will be used to backfill any shifts that are missed due to illness.  Employees who are sick for more than three (3) consecutively regularly scheduled shifts must obtain a doctor’s note which provides a reason for illness and return to work date.Failure to provide a doctor’s note could result in progressive discipline.

Employees will be provided monthly notice of: the PTO hours they have accrued in the previous month via paycheck stub; the number of PTO hours they have used in the previous month; and the total number of PTO hours they available to use.  Employees shall not experience retaliation for use of PTO.

Eligibility for Payout of PTO at Termination of Employment

Employee Manual - Section 6.4

Upon providing two-week’s notice and fulfilling scheduled work shifts during that time period, Employees who voluntarily terminate their employment are eligible to cash in up to eighty (80) unused and accrued PTO depending on years of service, as follows:         

Less than 24 months of employment:      No payout of PTO time

        25 – 60 months of employment:       Payout of up to 40 hours of PTO

More than 60 months of employment:      Payout of up to 80 hours of PTO

Personal Hours are not eligible for payout. Employees who are terminated involuntarily are not eligible for payout of PTO.


Employee Manual - Section 6.5

NHCC, Inc. observes the following days as paid holidays for employees who work 20 or more hours per week:

  1. New Year’s Day

  2. Martin Luther King Day

  3. Memorial Day

  4. Independence Day

  5. Labor Day

  6. Veteran’s Day

  7. Thanksgiving Day

  8. Day after Thanksgiving

  9. Christmas Day

Should any holiday fall on a Saturday or Sunday, NHCC, Inc. reserves the right to determine if the holiday will be observed or whether it will be observed on the regular work day preceding or following the holiday.  The chosen day will become the holiday.

Employees are eligible to receive holiday pay based on the number of hours worked per work week.  The following amounts apply:

  • 40 Hours per week:                 8 hours holiday pay

  • 32-39 Hour per week:                 6 hours holiday pay

  • 20-31 Hours per week:               4 Hours

  • Below 20 Hours and below:      Not eligible

The holiday must fall on a day they are normally scheduled to be eligible for holiday pay.

If an eligible employee has a schedule which changes each week, that employee must approve a schedule with their supervisor that will enable them to use entitled holiday time at least five (5) business days prior to or immediately following the holiday.

Employees of NHCC will be required to work some holidays.

Hourly employees working these holidays will be paid at a rate of 1.5 times their normal rate of pay (commonly known as “time-and-a-half”).

NHCC Email Accounts

Employee Manual - Section 7.2

Employees should regularly check their NHCC email accounts for communications and limit personal use.