Treatment at Sun Ray Court is based on four principles that we believe hold true for every individual. All of our interactions are centered around the tenets that we call The Four Cornerstones, which are:

1. I am a man worthy of dignity and respect.

It is vital for every individual to recognize themselves as being worthy of dignity and respect. If we use dignity and respect as our foundation, we can operate from an understanding that everyone, regardless of their past, has true value. It is then that we can separate people’s actions from their essential humanity, which is often a very new experience for the individuals in our care.

2. My Worth is Separate From My Behaviors.

An individual’s behavior and their essential worth as a human being are two different things. Behavior is something that is learned, often as a coping skill. Behaviors are temporary and can be changed with some effort. An individual’s worth does not change; that worth exists simply because the person exists.

3. I have the freewill to choose my behaviors.

While we can’t always avoid unpleasant situations or the emotions that we experience, we can choose the way that we behave in response to those types of events and feelings. This is not to say that it is an easy thing to do because, in reality, it takes a lot of practice. At Sun Ray Court, our patients are provided with daily opportunities to practice and develop new behaviors that will help them in their recovery.

4. I am responsible for the actions that I choose.

Regardless of the justifications and excuses that we offer to explain our actions, we are responsible for our own actions. Everybody has a reason for why they chose a specific action, but that reason is not necessarily an excuse for the behavior. On day one, Sun Ray Court introduces the concept that each person is entirely responsible for their own behaviors, and ultimately, their own recovery.