Isabella House AdmissionS


Any Pregnant or Parenting Woman (with Child under the age of 6)

How to get a bed date or get added to the wait-list:

Please send the most recent Chemical Dependency Assessment recommending Level 3.3 of Care.

This can either be faxed to 509-624-6240, or send it via encrypted email to

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to have current custody of my child(ren) to be considered for a Bed Date?

No – We will work with you to coordinate with CPS / Guardian at Litem once you arrive!

If I have custody can I bring my child(ren) on my Bed Date or do I need to wait?

You don’t need to wait, just let us know so we can accommodate your room!

Do you accept clients on Suboxone?


Do you accept clients using MAT Services?

Yes, if you are not from Spokane County you must ensure that your home clinic coordinates with Spokane Regional Health District prior to arriving for treatment.

Are you Co-Occurring?


Do you provide Detox?

No, you will need to enter Detox prior to your Bed Date.

What Insurance do you Accept?

Please click this link to learn about accepted forms of insurance: Payment Options


Any additional questions please reach out to our Intake Coordinator:

Drae McKenzie

(P) 509-624-1244 x108

(F) 509-624-6240